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Our entire concussion program is through CCMI (Complete Concussion Management Incorporated).  CCMI is a nationally recognized and standardized program requiring intensive post-graduate training. More information is available through  

We offer individual and team baseline testing.  Once a baseline has been completed, if you are concussed in the future, there are clinics across Canada that are accredited for you to attend a receive care.  They all will have access to your baseline results.  

If you have been concussed, we offer assessment and treatment based on the standardized national protocols of CCMI.  We can help with symptom management, answer questions about realistic expectations and evidence-based next steps.  You will have one on one time with either a licensed physiotherapist or chiropractor that has undergone the educational program and exam based accreditation of the CCMI.  During the assessment, depending upon your presentation and symptoms, the history of your concussion will be recorded, some vestibular and cognitive testing may be preformed, cervical manual therapy may be included, if required. 

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