Be A Nice Person

We realized that for the vast majority of our clients, booking an appointment with us is not planned. 

We know you didn’t want to get into a car accident, be hurt at work, experience family problems, or have personal issues arise.  We get that, and we do try hard to be as supportive as we can to you.

But please remember, our admin team are people, too.  Our admin team are trying their best to do their job. 

Their job is to get you scheduled for an appointment, with the right person, as quickly as possible.

Abusive language and/or behaviour, demeaning, derrogatory, or mean words will simply not be tolerated.  If our admin team, or any of our practitioners, feel you have crossed that line, it will be suggested that you find another clinic to help you.  Understand that we may not book you back to our centre, as our staff have feelings as well.  No one deserves to be treated poorly. We will likely send a quick note to the person/practitioner/EAP that referred you to us, with a summary of your behaviour, so he or she knows why you don’t have an appointment at our centre.

Again, we understand that most people don’t schedule, anticipate, or have time in their full and busy lives to find room to come to us for help unless it is really needed.  We do respect the stress and extenuating circumstances which you may be under, but that is still not an excuse for not being a nice person.

Finally, if you ask to speak to the manager or director, chances are that was who answered the phone.  We trust each other, and see no need to escalate poor behaviour. 

Daysha Shuya, Clinical Director 

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