Modalities are special techniques or treatments that either require significant advanced training (acupuncture or dry needling), or fancy equipment (shockwave therapy, traction, etc).  All of our modalities are offered as a PART of your complete care plan directed by a licensed professional.  In other words, we do not offer these types of treatment direct access as the only part of your care in a stand-alone manner.  If you are interested in receiving one of these services, you will need to book with either a physiotherapist or chiropractor for an assessment of your injury or concern.  The assessment will determine safety, appropriateness, screening of contra-indications (reasons the treatment should not be provided to you, specifically).  The professional will review expectations, and also alternate treatment components and techniques.  From there, a treatment schedule can be outlined, with the professional determining parameters, frequency and the details of the treatment.  Please note, the specific modality may be applied by a trained physio assistant- but the physiotherapist or chiropractor will prescribe and oversee your care.

We do not offer guarantees that any modality or service will ‘fix’ your injury or concern.

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