Brownstone Health offers a Collaborative Continuing Education program for our staff. 


To advance knowledge translation through evidence-based education grounded in the concept of multi-disciplinary practice with the goal of facilitating professional collaboration that is in the best interest of the patient.

Outline/Overview of Our Program

This is a collaborative multidisciplinary post-graduate educational program that runs on a yearly basis. The program is cumulative, each session will be a minimum of one hour length, currently designed as in-person sessions.

Each session is facilitated by a leader with a research-masters degree in kinesiology (or graduate degree in health-sciences). There will be 1-2 guest speakers at each session. These speakers are considered experts in their fields of practice. All guest speakers will have a connection to multi-disciplinary health and wellness.

The sessions consist of any or all:

Evidence based lectures
Literature critique and summary
Case studies
Hands-on or demonstration workshops

Requirements to attend: actively practicing (licensed/registered/insured) as a health care practitioner or fitness professional in Saskatchewan, or a student working towards these designations.

Global Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify techniques to improve facilitation of client-created goals.
  2. Minimize practitioner ego and improve health and wellness programming based on client needs.
  3. Recognize scope of practice and skill sets of available multi-disciplinary professionals.
  4. Learn basic concepts for referral and augmentation of wellness and/or treatment plans.
  5. Improve practitioner comfort working in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary team environment.
  6. Increased awareness of alternate treatment strategies, techniques and skills.


Foundational techniques as a strong contributor to collaboration in multi-disciplinary practice.
Scope of practice, skill sets, strengths and competencies of various professions.
Theme-based multi-disciplinary care models.
Case studies for collaborative care derived from clients in one of Saskatchewans’ largest multi-disciplinary centres.
Rehab progression, encompassing mind, body and emotion.
Fitness promotion utilizing allied health profession augmentation.
Fluidity for expert presentations based on clinical presentations.

*At this time, this educational program is available to staff and associates of Brownstone Health only. Exceptions do occur, and if you would like to attend, please contact Daysha at

Are you willing to share your expertise?

To ensure high standards of education, please email with the following information for consideration:

  • presenter’s name with designations, educational background and brief biography, course title, course description, course objectives, course outline
  • summary of techniques/skills to be taught in the course
  • summary of ‘level of evidence’ related to efficacy of treatment that would be presented in the course and/or a minimum of 3 high quality peer-reviewed research publications to support the presentation
  • a statement regarding how evidence based practice (related to course material) will be addressed in the course syllabus and presentation
  • possible dates for presentation

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