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We currently offer musculoskeletal based acupuncture and dry needling services at Brownstone Health. Several of our physiotherapists and chiropractors have training in both or either of the techniques.

Dry Needling

“is a therapeutic treatment procedure that involves multiple insertions of a needle into the muscle in the area of the body which produces pain and typically contains a ‘trigger point’.”


It can be used for deactivating trigger points, decreasing muscle tension, and/or pain relief.


“…stimulates the balance and flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is essential to our health. It is believed that pain occurs when the balance or flow of Qi is obstructed or deficient in an area of the body.”


Acupuncture, provided by our physiotherapists or chiropractors, can be used for decreasing muscle tension, pain relief, and/or improving mood & energy.


Both acupuncture & dry needling use the same types of needles – they are very thin, sterile, and disposable. The needles may be left in for up to 15-20 minutes, depending on the patient and the injury being treated. Electrical stimulation of the needles may also be used.

You may feel sore following either one of these treatments, along with feelings of deep aching or heaviness. There is a small risk that you may have a small amount of bleeding/bruising at the site of needle insertion.

Other less common treatment effects include fatigue, sweating, nausea, dizziness or fainting.

Prior to having an acupuncture or dry needling treatment, it is best if you have had something to eat in the last 30-60 minutes as well as being well hydrated & well rested. This helps to prevent side effects such as nausea, dizziness and fainting. If you have any questions or concerns regarding either of these treatments, ask your practitioner!

A reminder that not all insurance plans recognize different Acupuncture Training designations. It is your responsibility to check with your plan to ensure that you will receive compensation. Most of the time, the acupuncture and/or dry needling is included as part of the treatment with a physiotherapist. Our chiropractors have an additional fee for dry needling, as they book longer sessions.

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List of therapists that are currently providing either acupuncture or dry needling:

Daysha SHuya, physio: both acupuncture and dry needling
Jill Apshkrum, physio: both acupuncture and dry needling
Andrea Schick, physio: both acupuncture and dry needling
Catrina Wasyliw, physio: both acupuncture and dry needling
Matthias Karner, physio: dry needling
Deana Karner, physio: dry needling
Amanda Lloyd Haubrich, physio: dry needling
Megan Anderson, physio: dry needling
Dr. Ben McNutt, chiro: dry needling
Dr. Ashley Fichter, chiro: dry needling

To try acupuncture or dry needling as part of your musculoskeletal rehab plan, please ask your physiotherapist or chiropractor for their recommendation.

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